About Us


At Rethink Consulting we are passionate about your future. We've been striving and helping individuals to develop a solid foundation for their career, so they can be successful and advance professionally! We take each trainee very seriously and try to develop skills which match the job market. Candidates are paid individual attention and ensured highest level of satisfaction. Regardless of your prior professional and educational background, there is a good chance after commencing our program, you will be working regularly in the Software Quality Assurance field.

We are so confident about our program that we are offering an absolutely free of cost session. Come and audit our classes before you make an enrollment decision so you can be certain that our program is right for you. This could be the opportunity which changes your life and sets you on the right career path!

Our Vision

With its focus on student success “Rethink Consulting” prides itself on its high quality offered programs being a trademark, offering a variety of courses, IT training programs, preparing students for advanced studies and challenging positions in the government and business industry. The Institute aspires for the leadership role in pursuit of excellence in IT Consulting, Training, Multimedia resources and its applications.


What are you good at? What do you enjoy? Understanding who you are and what you excel at is the first step towards discovering what you want to do in your future. Use the following to help you asses your personality type, interest and values related to career opportunities.

They transform beginners into Professionals who distinguish themselves by their professional competence, humanistic outlook and ethical rectitude. By polishing their skills, abilities to enable them to explore the exciting world of application development in Desktop, Web, Enterprise & Mobile Application.